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As Long as You Feel Pain You're Still Alive. We all want to be human beings, at times it's very useful to remind yourself no matter how bad things can go for you. In your head. There will always be someone who feels worse, Who doesn't have a place to sleep. Who doesn't have a water to drink or food to eat. This is why as human beings it's a blessing that we can have this opportunity to share something that we earned and give it to somebody else. Never forget about this opportunity because as long as you can feel someone else's pain you're a human being. Be a human being!

Just wanted to say thank you


Top Gifts Shop was created for two purposes only: 1. To give you the best gifts on the market. 2. To feed homeless people in the world. How do we do it? Every gift you buy, homeless gets a meal. We use most of our profits, to buy a food for them. Why did we choose to do this? We see the world as one and believe that if together we will open our hearts to each other. The humanity will be stronger & smarter. There are about 100 million worldwide human-beings that live on the street. THANKS to you, we have already donated more than 5,000 meals for them. We decided to record the exciting moments, When they get your attention and a meal. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to see more. The only path wide enough for us all is love.